Happy Thanksgiving.  Another month down, another month closer to the Winter Retreat.  I got a lot done in October but not a lot of things. What does that mean? I worked primarily on one big thing and not several small things.  Remember, “Things things because of mind as mind is mind because of things!”  Yep – its one of those days.

On a personal note, I finally took my Commercial Pilot written exam and passed.  I will be flying out to Alabama on December 16th to meet up with my flying instructor to fly a multi-engine land plane back to Vegas. That flight will satisfy all my remaining requirements for taking my multi-engine land commercial flying practical exam. That was supposed to happen last month but – the plane broke. So at this point I’m not sure I will be taking the actual flying exam before the retreat. We shall see.

The New Shin Ho Kwan Webpage

Well, thanks to Master Alessi, I was motivated to finish the new Shin Ho Kwan webpage.  It is currently live and if you want to see on overview of its new features, watch the video below:

In addition to the features mentioned in the video, this website will be merged with ShinHoKwan.org.  Once that happens, I will send everyone a password for the Member School Section.  For those of you that are taking the Online classes, you will receive a password for the class section which is contained in the Member School Section.  I know that sounds confusing, but I will make a video of how to use the new section of the webpage as soon as it goes live.

Century Martial Arts

Century’s top executives (including the CEO) have expressed an interest in attending Shin Ho Kwan’s Winter Retreat this year. They are currently trying to arrange their schedules so that more of them can attend. The best part is, they approached us about coming (thanks to Mr. DIllon talking about the retreat on Facebook), we didn’t approach them. Here is hoping they do come. What a great opportunity that would be for Shin Ho Kwan.

iSurvive Urban Survival Classes


My Urban Survival classes are out of control.  Everyone has filled up in three hours or less.  Each class, based on the topic, has between 30 and 60 spaces and everyone pays $30 per for each 3 hour class. It’s crazy.  Now I just need to get them all that excited about taking Taekwondo.  And the best part is that level 2 classes cost between $80 – $100 for each class and there is already a waiting list for the first one that will be offered in January. When I taught Survival in Rochester, I was lucky to get 5 students. Vegas loves survival stuff I guess.

The 2017 Shin Ho Kwan Black Belt Winter Retreat

The retreat T-Shirts have just arrived and look fantastic. This years retreat is going to be amazing. Dr. Kladstrup will be back and sharing this medical knowledge with us and my first Taekwondo instructor, Paul Randal will also be attending and sharing stories of what it was like having me as a student. That should be interesting. I have to say – I’m a little nervous.

If you haven’t signed up yet for the retreat, please do so ASAP.


Shin Ho Kwan Winter Black Belt Exam

Moravia, NY
Friday, January 13th, 2017 – 7pm

25th Shin Ho Kwan Winter Retreat
Moravia, NY
January 12th – 15th, 2017

Ahn Classic
Mason, Ohio
Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Shin Ho Kwan Spring Black Belt Exam
Southeast YMCA – Pittsford, NY
Sunday, June 18, 2017

Martial Arts SuperShow 2017 & Summer Retreat
MGM Grand – Las Vegas
July 6th – 8th, 2017

Shin Ho Kwan Fall Black Belt Exam
Henderson, NV
Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Member School Area of the new Shin Ho Kwan Web Page

As I mentioned above, there will be a Member School Section on the new webpage.  This section will include:

  • A forum section where member school’s can communicate.
  • An announcement section.
  • The online classes.
  • This newsletter.
  • A document section.
  • and much more…

Here is a list of some of the above mentioned crazy ideas (One less than last month):

  • You Build It – You Train It.  Not new but I’ll finally be starting these.
  • Taekwondo In-Depth.  I use to make sheets for Kyudo that were In-Depth Overviews of one aspect of Kyudo. For example, I made a Ya (arrow) Sheet that went into depth on every aspect of a Ya. The name for every part of the arrow (English & Japanese), how the Ya behaved while shot based of different Ya configurations and even the philosophy behind each of the two Ya’s. I would like to do that for every block and every strike and every kick we currently do in Shin Ho Kwan.  That is a lot of sheets.  To use a local store’s name – Holy Sheets
  • I believe I have mentioned this before but I have been contacted by a few schools expressing an interest in teaching only one or two things out of Shin Ho Kwan’s curriculum.  They don’t want to become member schools.  Years ago I made Modules up for the UTA and I will be using that same idea to pass on our material to them.  For example, one school would like to teach our Knife Form.  I will be making a Knife Module Book that covers the Knife Form and its applications, Foundation Techniques, One-Steps, Knife Defense, etc.  These books will be available to the school at a wholesale price and they will then mark them up and sell them to their students.  In addition, I will be recording videos and lectures for an online course for the instructors of the school. That way they know exactly how to teach all the material.  This will benefit both Shin Ho Kwan and the school that uses our Modules. Currently I plan on making modules for all our weapons, joint locks, throws, and form sets.

Don’t forget this contest:

This contest is only for the Group A Member Schools.  I sent an email with a link to a Pinterest Board on Shin Ho Kwan’s Business Pinterest Account to each Group A School head.  The schools are encouraged to post pictures from their classes and of their students to their school’s board (that is what the link is for).  There will be two bottles of my Bruise Juice given out at the retreat as prizes.  One for the best individual picture and one for the best collection of pictures.

Fan of the Week

October’s Fan of the Week was Ms. Doll.  Her T-Shirt is on its way to her now and I’ll post a picture of her in it next month.

Who is this?