Another year, another Black Belt Winter Retreat and what a retreat it was.  For those of you that couldn’t make it, we had 30 Black Belts from 6 different states and 3 different martial arts.  In addition, numerous other people attended the 25th Anniversary Banquet, which was held during the retreat.  Among those were several old IME students and my original Taekwondo Instructor, Paul Randall.  It was truly an amazing event that would not have been possible without the tireless work of Master Shaffer.

Master Alessi, Mr. Paul Randall, Master Pearson, Master Van Hee

I have already started to work on the material for next year: Gon 26: Mind, Body & Spirit

Master Shaffer

Master Shaffer successfully completed all the mental and physical requirements for the promotion to 6th Dan at the Winter Retreat. Master Shaffer is currently my highest ranking female black belt. Congratulations to her on taking one more step on the Path.

The Path

Ms. Cheung’s book, the Path, is finally done and available on Amazon.  We have found a few typos and those corrections are on their way to the publisher.  Once they have received them and reviewed the changes, the updated copy will replace the current copy available for sale.

The books description:

In these collected short stories, the Shin Ho Kwan Creed is illuminated through various situations and trials. Each story follows a different child as they undergo personal and or situational challenges before learning an important lesson. Meant for kids as well, these stories hope to represent the mental values and ways of relating to one another that Shin Ho Kwan Taekwondo teaches. The stories, while taking place in different areas among different people, are meant to relate to any reader as they continue and contemplate their own paths in life.

Here is a link to the 104 page, full color book.

It is my intention to make this book available on Kindle and as an Audio Book on Audible.

The Ahn Classic

This year, Shin Ho Kwan will be sending around 20 black belts and students to the Ahn Classic.  Most of these individuals will be competing, but some will be attending as volunteers or as my assistants.  If you would like to attend and you are not one of the 20 already confirmed people, please contact Master Humbel.

Just as Shin Ho Kwan celebrated a major anniversary this year, so to is the Ahn Classic.  It is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  Shin Ho Kwan wont let such an accomplishment go unsupported, so if possible, please consider attending.

Ahn Classic 2017

Ahn Classic
Mason, Ohio
Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Shin Ho Kwan Spring Black Belt Exam
Southeast YMCA – Pittsford, NY
Sunday, June 18, 2017

Martial Arts SuperShow 2017 & Summer Retreat
MGM Grand – Las Vegas
July 6th – 8th, 2017

Shin Ho Kwan Fall Black Belt Exam
Henderson, NV
Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Path

As I mentioned above, I am currently working on removing several typo’s from Ms. Cheung’s book.  Once complete, I will be releasing a Kindle version and I will be submitting the book to Audible and picking a narrator to read the book.   I have to say, I have spent more time on this book than any other book I didn’t write.

After all that is done, my plan is to dive into the Do Meditation book and FINALLY get that finished.

Here is a list of some of the above mentioned crazy ideas (One less than last month):

  • You Build It – You Train It.  Not new but I’ll finally be starting these.
  • Taekwondo In-Depth.  I use to make sheets for Kyudo that were In-Depth Overviews of one aspect of Kyudo. For example, I made a Ya (arrow) Sheet that went into depth on every aspect of a Ya. The name for every part of the arrow (English & Japanese), how the Ya behaved while shot based of different Ya configurations and even the philosophy behind each of the two Ya’s. I would like to do that for every block and every strike and every kick we currently do in Shin Ho Kwan.  That is a lot of sheets.  To use a local store’s name – Holy Sheets
  • I believe I have mentioned this before but I have been contacted by a few schools expressing an interest in teaching only one or two things out of Shin Ho Kwan’s curriculum.  They don’t want to become member schools.  Years ago I made Modules up for the UTA and I will be using that same idea to pass on our material to them.  For example, one school would like to teach our Knife Form.  I will be making a Knife Module Book that covers the Knife Form and its applications, Foundation Techniques, One-Steps, Knife Defense, etc.  These books will be available to the school at a wholesale price and they will then mark them up and sell them to their students.  In addition, I will be recording videos and lectures for an online course for the instructors of the school. That way they know exactly how to teach all the material.  This will benefit both Shin Ho Kwan and the school that uses our Modules. Currently I plan on making modules for all our weapons, joint locks, throws, and form sets.

Fan of the Week

January’s Fan of the Month was Master Newburn.  Once he picks out a T-Shirt, it will be sent out to him.

One of Mr. Randall’s Vintage Pictures of Grandmaster Ahn