Dust Happens 100% of the time even in Taekwondo and Hapkido Associations

ShinHoKwan.org is Under Construction

Every so often even associations realize it is time to do some spring cleaning. To that end, ShinHoKwan.org has just been moved to a new hosting site and the entire page is undergoing upgrades and changes.

What will be new & upgraded you ask?

  • The site InsideTaekwondo will be mostly moved into the “Shin Ho Kwan” articles section of the website.
  • A new “Shin Ho Kwan News” section.
  • New sections for Taekwondo, Hapkido and Dō Meditation.
  • A new “Shin Ho Kwan Annual Black Belt Retreat” Section.  This section will even allow you to pay for the retreat securely online with your credit card.
  • ShinHoKwan.org is now a “secure” website thanks to SiteGround.
  • ShinHoKwan.org should load a lot faster now and should be more cellphone friendly.
  • ShinHoKwan.org’s Member Section will be updated and improved.
  • All of Shin Ho Kwan’s Taekwondo Manuals will be available for purchase as a digital download!
  • A new section linking to MeonBul.com – Shin Ho Kwan’s Online Store!!!!
  • A new section linking to Shin Ho Kwan’s new Online Educational website.  This site will offer online Taekwondo Classes, Dō Meditation Classes, etc.

Keep checking back for all the exciting changes.