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Meon Bul

Meon Bul – A Shin Ho Kwan Store

Shin Ho Kwan will be opening its new online store in May 2020.  This store will offer exotic wood practice weapons (handmade by Grandmaster Sean Pearson), Shin Ho Kwan merchandise (mugs, hats, etc.) and hard to find external herbal medicine for martial artists (balms, lineaments, tinctures, creams, etc.).

For those of you that are interested in the name, “Mean Bul,” it means “Distant Fire.”  Within Shin Ho Kwan, all of our black belts, both in Taekwondo and Hapkido, receive a name at the rank of 2nd degree black belt.  These names are either given out by Grandmaster Pearson or by the black belt’s instructor.  “Meon Bul” was given to Grandmaster Pearson by one of his instructors.